How To Answer When Someone Asks “What Do You Do?”

March 11, 2018   |    minute read

how to answer when someone asks what do you do

Have you ever wished that you had something better than, for example, ‘photographer’ to say when someone asks you what you do? A simple and elegant way of telling people what you do. A way that also shows how you are different from all of the other competitors out there?

You know how sometimes when someone asks you what you do and you say “photographer”. And they respond “that’s nice” and move the conversation on to something else? Well we’re going to stop that and get them interested in what you do.

This is where your Core Promise comes in. It is your marketing message distilled to it’s simplest form. It is your way of telling people what you do so that they truly understand what you offer and what you stand for.



What Is A Core Promise?

Your Core Promise, in it’s simplest form is simply a statement where you tell how you help a specific group of people to achieve a certain thing in a way that is compelling and interesting. So that your audience will truly understand what you offer and what you stand for.

Your Core Promise gives you a simple and effective way to communicate what you do without being bland and me too.

And you do this by applying the knowledge you have gathered in getting to know your Ideal Client.



Why Should You Have A Core Promise?

Now you may be wondering why you should bother with crafting a Core Promise.

It’s because as, for example, a photographer you have become a commodity. The labels most business owners use to describe themselves are now commodities. Even doctors and dentists have become commodities.


Let me give you an example of what I mean, it’s an example I heard from a mentor of mine called Justin Devonshire.

A personal trainer was at a networking event. And he’s talking to this woman who says that need needs to lose weight. So he asks her “do you need a personal trainer?” to which he gets a very definite no!

The next time he sees the woman at an event and they get talking he asks her if she would like to lose a dress size in 28 days or so and she gave a very definite yes! So he says, “well that’s great, I’ve actually got a program called 28 Day Lose A Dress Size Challenge”. To which she says perfect, sign me up and didn’t even ask for the price.

So the point here is you have to get specific on who you help and what you help them with.

Remember, if in doubt, your Ideal Client Avatar has all the answers.

So next, let’s take a look at how you are going to stand out when you tell people what you do. What are you going to be a specialist or expert in, that is going to make people take notice?


How To Create Your Core Promise

Your Core Promise is a simple formula to help you summarise what you offer and how it relates to the client’s strongest pain point or frustration, as well as their goals and desires.

This will give you a simple and effective promise that you can use to communicate what you do and help your audience truly understand what you offer, taking you from bland to compelling.

It really is that simple.

To do this we take our client’s biggest pain or frustration and combine it with their biggest goals, desires and outcomes to form one simple sentence. The following is just one example, we cover more formulas in the full course:


“I ___[help who]___  ___[do what]___, so that you / they can ___[do what]___ without ___[what]___.”


For example, a wedding photographer might say “I tell the story of a brides perfect wedding day, so that she can cherish and share it for years to come and enjoy the day without worrying about trying to remember all the little details and special moments.

Or a commercial photographer might say “I help small business owners sell more merchandise through their website so that they can earn more profits without having to worry about their products looking great.”

Or you could get even more specific and say “I help craft food producers sell more through their website so that they can focus on making great produce without having to worry about making it look amazing on their e-commerce site.”

See how simple that is? How much more compelling that is than saying you are a commercial photographer?

Share your Core Promise in the comments below, I would love to see what you come up with…

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