I'm Louise

I help people simplify and accelerate the journey to an independent income doing the work they love (and are proud of) in service of the people they care about so that they can flourish in life and business without getting stuck on the treadmill of constant grind and hustle that gets you nowhere fast.



What I Do

Simplify and accelerate the journey to create and grow an independent income.

What I've Done

15 years at sea in the oil industry ensuring the smooth running of multi-million $ subsea construction projects.

Professional photographer: commissioned to photograph Prince Charles, photographed world championship motorcycle racer Scott Redding twice, presented popular masterclasses on the business of photography at SWPP Convention in London.

10 years helping clients create independent incomes and grow their businesses. 3,280+ happy clients served.

What I Want To Do Next

1. Apply my skills to accelerate the creation and growth of independent incomes for 1000 people doing the work they love and are proud of in service of people they care about. People who want meaning in their life, to make a contribution to their clients, their communities and ultimately the world. 

2. Scale that number to 10,000 smart and capable people making a difference in the world.

A rising tide lifts all the boats, if I can help entrepreneurs, small business owners and solopreneurs make an impact in their own individual way, then through the ripple effect I will have made a contribution to making the world a better place. 


From the latin faber which means worker, the word forge is perfect when it comes to growing ourselves and our businesses.

It can be used as a noun or verb and has two distinct definitions.

To give form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort.

To advance gradually but steadily and to advance with an abrupt increase of speed.


Deriving from flōrēre which means to bloom, prosper, be at the peak of one's powers.

And isn't that what we what we want in life and business?

Flourish can also be used as a noun or a verb with distinct definitions.

- To grow luxuriantly; to achieve success; to be in a state of activity or production; to reach a height of development or influence.

- A period of thriving; a sudden burst; a luxuriant growth or profusion.

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