Three Neglected Areas of Your Business




Worked with a lot of business owners over the past 5 years and over time you see patterns and similarities.

Both in the problems they come to you with, and how you serve and help them best.

This is something that I’ve been thinking about a LOT the past few months. Taking that time to think, do some deep work is partly why I’ve been so quiet of late.


One of the big things I’ve seen is that many business owners don’t have a structured framework.


One that simplifies business…

Connects the dots to all the education and training you’ve already bought.

… Is customisable to your own genre and niche so that you’re not trying to shoehorn your business into something that just doesn’t fit, no matter how hard you try or how uncomfortable it gets.

… So that you can grow your business, make more money and feel like you are in control and totally on top of things.


If you are one of the many business owners focusing on getting more clients, more profit at the expense of other vitally important areas of your business, you’re going to relate to this.

Because it just leads to overwhelm, a total lack of clarity on what you should be doing each day in your business.

Some days it can be so bad it feels like you’re trying to wade through quicksand and sinking further and further into the mire with each footstep.


This is totally understandable if you don’t know how to effectively and consistently attract clients and make more profit.

And let’s face it, without a consistent flow of clients, without revenue and profit, you don’t have much of a business, at least not a sustainable one.


That feeling sucks, it really does. I’ve been there.

It can lead to a never-ending search for that missing piece of the puzzle so that everything suddenly clicks into place.

It’s easy to think that you need to invest in another course, more training.

You don’t understand why all the courses you have done haven’t really worked for you, why you constantly feel overwhelmed, so something is missing. So you think you need to learn something else.


And you are right, something is missing. But the gaps in your knowledge aren’t as big as you think.

In most cases, you already know enough to transform your business.



What you are missing is a structured framework for your business.

The vast majority of your focus is on just one of the four elements of business – attracting more clients – at the expense of the other vital elements – guiding your business, running your business and doing the business.

These elements don’t exist in isolation, they all work together to complete the whole. No matter how big all small your business may be, even if it’s just you and the dogs for company whilst you work at your laptop.


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