The Common Thread Through All Successful Businesses

June 22, 2022   |    minute read

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If you dig into any sustainably successful business, that is one that knows how to consistently repeat and maintain its success, you’ll find that they have a deep understanding of who they serve and sell to.

Conversely, not knowing this is the reason attributed to the majority of small business failures (Small Business Association).


Successful businesses can tell you in specific way how they can reach their ideal clients, who their clients are, what their challenges and problems are, their fears, hopes and dreams are, particularly in the context of the services and products that they sell.

Yet far too many small business owners and solopreneurs skim over this.

At best it’s done in a general and vague manner:

  • Dog owners vs labrador owners in Gloucester.
    Couples getting married vs couples planning a small and intimate wedding in a Scottish Highland castle.


Knowing your client avatar intimately, understanding what keeps them awake at night, their dreams and aspirations, the challenges and problems they face is a basic foundational part of developing your business.

It’s business 101.

It informs all of your marketing and sales – the language you use, the places you distribute your content, the positioning, the offers you make etc.

So why do people avoid getting to know and understand their clients so that they can help and serve them better?

So that they can create more value for them?

So that they can grow their businesses and attract more clients with greater ease?


It strikes me that if we truly care for our clients, if we want to help them, give them massive value then surely we would want to get to know them and understand them as well as possible?

And if not because we care for our clients because we care for ourselves and our business and we want to be as successful as possible.

So why don’t we get excited about this?

The good news is, because so few businesses do this properly, it becomes a bit of a secret weapon in our armoury, because if we can do this, we will have an unfair advantage over those who for whatever reason neglect this.


That’s why I’ve been investing a lot of time working on this lately.

As part of that work, I’ve created new frameworks for my own use, and also for my clients in the Flourish Business Accelerator and for the Marketing Untangled Course.

One of those Frameworks is the Client Profile. It’s where I summarise each of my ideal client profiles and it serves as a crib sheet whenever I’m creating content and marketing pieces.

You can get a copy of this very Framework by clicking here.

It’s a read only copy, but you’ll see a link to instruction on how you can copy and use it in your own business.

Let me know below if you would like to see more like this…

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