Make Your Business Mean The World To Your Prospects

March 17, 2020   |    minute read

# Make Your Business Mean The World To Your Prospects

Marketing can be described as the process of making your business, products and services mean the world to prospects who might not feel that passionate about it.

But to do that, you are going to have to write your copy as if you were writing to someone for whom what you sell really does mean the world to them.

Let me explain what I mean.

Remember the movie Rocky with Sylvester Stallone?

Just about everyone who saw it came away feeling inspired by that movie. They came away from watching it feeling as if they could take on the world in some way. What seemed like a huge challenge before the movie suddenly felt doable – they were ready to take on the world. For a short while at least.

So even though precious few people actually went away and pounded meat in a butcher’s shop, they were inspired by seeing Rocky overcome his challenge, tackle something that meant the world to him.

So they begin to consider letting some problem mean the world to your prospects.


The Five Step Persuasion Formula

Which brings me to the first step in the Five Step Persuasion Formula, which serves two purposes:

The first is to identify your audience by picking out a very specific issue, concern or desire.

The second being to clarify a pain or need that your prospect is feeling and make it very clear why it would mean the world to them to solve that pain or problem.

Now I know that many business owners are going to think that talking of problems and pains is a bit extreme when it comes to what they sell.

However, that is totally the WRONG approach.

Because of all the people in the world who might want, for example, wedding photography, there are those for whom it is desperately important to have the most amazing wedding photography and display it in the most exquisite, hand crafted album.

Now when your marketing speaks to that person, you are going to inspire those for whom what you sell hadn’t seemed quite so important.


You do this by painting a detailed and passionate picture of your ideal prospect’s pain – the thing they don’t have that they desperately want – for example, those beautifully stunning images in an exquisite wedding album.

When you paint such a vivid and detailed picture in their mind, all of a sudden they will feel inspired, and what you sell will become more important to them and you will gain so much more momentum in the rest of your marketing. 

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