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“Focused on the real things that matter to my business”


Louise’s fantastic coaching has been direct, concise and simple, which is just as I like things, but invaluable in motivating me to make some quick effective wins to boost my business.

In a busy world it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to often overthink or complicate these things. Louise has made me feel organised and focused on the real things that matter to my business and I have already started on my 90 Day Plan.

I can’t think her enough for moving me to a different mindset where I feel focused and empowered to make some positive achievable changes.

Jackie Eke - Photographer

“This program will change your business and your life”


Working with Louise has been a breath of fresh air in terms of learning the building blocks to create a business that will work FOR me and bring in clients. I have so much more clarity over what I am trying to do, which will form the basis of everything I do in future.

The absolute best thing for me about the course is the interaction with Louise, from the weekly worksheets and tasks which she gives direct feedback on, to being able to go back and forth with ideas, to having the opportunity to ask questions and receive a personalised video message with Louise’s answers. So hands on and in-depth – the value is simply immense!!! Louise’s help and encouragement has made a vast difference to me.

There is so much value I can’t even single out the most useful things I’ve learned. It is ALL worthwhile. I don’t think I have done a single exercise where I’ve thought “I don’t get the point of this”. SO MUCH VALUE.

If you want to progress your business and make a real difference to your life, you need this program. It will change your business and your life.

“Wouldn't be here without you”


I really truly appreciate everything you've done and the heart you've poured into this relationship. I can say with 100% confidence that I wouldn't be here in this place if I hadn't hired you so early on in my business journey. I am so thankful to you for all the support and wisdom you've given.

Susanna Lonnrot - Photographer, Creator
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