Recommended Resources - Tools I Use In My Business

Fantastic, Fast and Reliable Web Hosting With Superb Support...

I've tried quite a few hosts over the years, however, the best by far is WPX. I might pay a little more than my previous hosting solution but it's an investment that I happily make. This is after all the hub of my business, and I want my website to be hosted somewhere that I have total trust in.

The support really is as fast as they claim. The support team are helpful, knowledgeable and patient when I ask "dumb" questions. 

And even better... the team at WPX. love dogs and care for 500+ homeless, shelter & disabled dogs & cats every day. A massive bonus in my books!

  • 24/7 30 seconds average support response time
  • Free expert site migration in 24 hours
  • Unlimited, free SSL Certificates
  • Free malware scanning & removal

Automatically Publish Your Facebook Lives and Videos To Your Website

Simple Social Press (square)

This is a fantastic tool that takes your Facebook Lives and Videos and automatically creates posts on your WordPress site. The post can even include all of your social proof and comments (which is great for the SEO impact.

The plugin has lots of control and features. It can pull videos from your page, a group or personal profile, you can control which videos it uses to create posts on your blog and whether or not it creates a draft post or auto publishes it.

The support is great. I use three plugins and Repurpose (see below) all from the same developer.

  • Get more subscribers
  • Increase your views
  • Grow your audience and build your email list faster than ever before

Automatically Publish Your Podcasts to Your Website

Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press is similar to Simple Social Press, except it does the same thing for your Podcasts so that you can make a bigger impact with your Podcast.

It is a podcast player that is designed to grow your audience, boost your downloads, increase listener engagement and more.

It takes seconds to install and is very easy to use and is compatible with all Podcasting platforms.

  • Boost your downloads
  • Get more subscribers
  • Build your email list faster
  • Increase listener engagement

Create Once Publish Everywhere

I love this tool. It saves me so much time each week by automatically repurposing my videos and livestreams to multiple platforms to maximise exposure, build brand awareness and boost online sales. There are so many ways that you can use this tool to create different content starting with your podcasts and Facebook videos. 

And just as importantly the support is great.

  • Convert audio podcasts to videos and publish to YouTube and Facebook
  • Create vertical or square audiograms for IG, IG stories and IGTV
  • Upload Facebook Lives and Videos to YouTube
  • Convert Facebook LIves and Videos to podcasts
  • And so much more... (too many options to list here)

Become Ultra Competitive With SEO

I love this tool. It is a great step by step way to boost your rankings, organic traffic, write great SEO articles, track search engines and everything else that's needed to consistently places pages in the top 10 of Google Search. It's a proven all in one SEO tool that makes good SEO so much easier with Digital Assistants that guide you every step of the way.

  • Site audits to uncover issues and recommend improvements and fixes
  • Focus Pages - Assistant to map the road to better rankings on a page by page basis
  • Keyword research - with difficulty scores, competitor research and SERP analysis
  • Track performance of keywords across 170+ search engines
  • Rank using only Google-Approved White Hat tactics

Email Marketing For Creators...


I've used a few email marketing apps over the years. Some with more features, some cheaper, some more expensive. I keep coming back to ConvertKit for it's ease of use combined with powerful features. 
I love how easy it is to do anything I need in ConvertKit, and that I can do it in far fewer clicks than other providers which saves me time and makes sending emails to my audience a much more pleasurable performance.

  • Grow your audience to grow your income
  • Understand your audience through tags and segments
  • Increase conversions with automated emails that feel personal
  • Easy switching
  • Connects to the best tools to grow your business

Your All-In-One Online Business Toolbox

I am a great fan of Thrive Themes and their tools that are designed to work together so that you don't get the usual plug in conflicts and help you grow your business and get more clients/sales. I have used them for all of my websites for years now.

You can buy their plugins and themes individually, however, far better value is their membership which gives you the full suite of tools that work together seamlessly, unlimited support and exclusive members only courses, templates and content.

  • Full suite of Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins
  • Constant updates and Instant Access To New Plugins
  • No endless back and forth with developers when plugins conflict
  • No mix and matching your WordPress back-end together
  • Easy to create great looking websites that do the job they are meant to do - bring you clients and sales

Recommended Resources I Use In My Personal Life

Dinner Is Solved... 

Using a recipe box delivery service makes a huge difference to our everyday life. Fresh ingredients delivered in the right quantities with step-by- step recipe cards makes life a lot easier, saves time and gives us much more variety in our meals, with seasonal fresh food. It's totally flexible, there is a large selection of varied recipes to choose from each week and dead easy to use, and if you use this link you can get £20 back.

  • Easy to follow recipes from around the world
  • High quality, fresh ingredients that are pre-measured
  • Convenient meal kits that fit perfectly in your fridge
  • Flexible subscription with total control, choose your delivery time
  • Customise your weekly menu with delicious meals

Wash Away Plastic Waste

Splosh is a great new way to buy your laundry, home cleaning and washing up essentials. They've made refilling easier than recycling so that you can stop throwing away/recycling plastic bottles. The service is super easy to use, works out cheaper than traditional brands in the mid to long run and their formulations perform brilliantly against supermarket products. And they smell good too!

  • Powerful eco cleaning
  • Great value
  • Fast and easy ordering
  • Bottles for life and neat storage
  • 100% money back guarantee

Important Note: Many of the links above are affiliate or referral links where I may be paid a commission or given a credit. This is no way influences their inclusion here. These are all tools that I use in my business and life, and highly recommend. 

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