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I know that it's going to be a lot of fun and be inspirational to my listeners.

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Read the Tech Prep below. I've kept it simple. 🤩

Tech Prep - Keeping It Simple

Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare for our conversation on Zoom. I've kept it as simple as possible and we'll hold our conversation on zoom. Try to follow them as best as you can, but it's not a show stopper if you can't, well except maybe the internet one!

Choose a quiet environment

Where possible, please choose a quiet environment for the recording. We would like to avoid editing around sounds created in the home or office setting, including fans, open windows, and passing noise.

Banish the echoes

Avoid environments with too many hard surfaces. A small room with soft furnishings is better than a corridor or large, open-plan area where sound can bounce around.

Strong internet

Please make sure you have a strong internet signal where you are.

Do not disturb mode

Please ensure all your devices are off or set to silent. If you’re recording via your computer, please exit all applications you’re not using (email notifications can be especially disruptive). Closing all unnecessary computer programs also ensures your computer power can be dedicated to capturing your voice.

Making you sound good

Rather than using your computer’s microphone, it’s better to use the microphone in headphones, which often come with your smartphone. If you don’t have any, it’d be great if you can borrow some. Wired headphones cause less interference than Bluetooth.

On The Day

On the day, we'll start off with a quick soundcheck before recording and I will of course edit out any unwanted noises (sneezes, coughs, the postman at the door etc). I'll also ask you to check a few settings in zoom (don't worry, I will walk you through it) just so that we can get the best sound quality.

We'll have a quick chat and I'll make sure that you are comfortable before pressing the record button. 

And most of importantly of all, relax and have fun. 

Louise Beattie

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