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In my previous email, I shared how I took the time to be still and outside in nature as part of my grieving process. Living in a rural area with a peaceful garden filled with birdsong, I found this experience incredibly soothing. It also gave me the space to gain clarity that I had been missing.

I’ve often read about successful people who make time for stillness and reflection, valuing it as essential. Yet, I had never truly embraced this practice, often focusing instead on busy work. Through allowing myself time to think, I realised just how much unnecessary busy work I was doing—perhaps as a form of avoidance. I also saw how I could simplify my business while creating even more value, bringing me closer to the life I want.

I came to realise that my business isn’t just about helping people make more money; it’s about helping them live better, more fulfilling lives.

I understand that time is a luxury, and sometimes, we need to focus and get the work done, especially when delivering to our clients. This can often be one of the biggest bottlenecks in our business, whether it’s culling and editing photos from a shoot or, in my case, video calls with clients.

I love connecting with clients. I have the best clients who are truly a pleasure to work with. However, I can spend only so many hours on calls each week before it depletes my energy. Experience has shown that clients who go through a program with my support achieve far greater results more quickly than those who purchase a course. Therefore, I aim to help people directly where possible to ensure they reach their goals.

This time of reflection has enabled me to figure out a way to provide that direct level of support in a manageable way while also offering an even higher level of service. That counts as a win!

There have been other learns as well – I now realise that I don’t just want to help people make more money, I want to help them live a better life.

Now, I truly understand—not just intellectually—how important it is to make time for stillness and thought. This could mean sitting and thinking with a pen and notepad, walking, or pottering in the garden while capturing ideas on your phone using audio. Whatever works for you, there is no right or wrong way.

If you are struggling to get clear on how you want your business to be, something that I found really helpful was to understand my strengths and values. As part of my Heroic Coach training, I took this test and found that my results really resonated and helped me find direction: https://www.viacharacter.org/

My top strengths and values include appreciation of beauty & excellence, love of learning, humour, kindness, curiosity, bravery, hope, gratitude and perspective.

What are yours?

Until next time…


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