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We often know what's wrong, but fixing it can be a whole other story...

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If you've landed on this page, the chances are you've already participated in a Triage Call, so you've got a good idea of some of the things that need fixing in your business. 

Now it's time to go a little deeper, and create an action plan specific to you and your business for the next 90-days.

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Done, call scheduled? Perfect, I look forward to speaking with you soon. In the meantime, here's a taster of what you can expect...

Helped me define how best to get there...

Sue Phelps Photographer

Had a fantastic call with Louise yesterday. Ideas were formed and refined throughout our conversation, and I finally feel that I am on the correct path, realising my strengths (and my weaknesses) Louise's knowledge and expertise has helped me define in my mind where I am headed and how best to get there. Thank you Louise, I can't wait to work with you in the very near future

Finished the call on a real high...

Ruth Speed Photographer

Had a focused chat with Louise and in that time she really helped me break down some of the barriers that have been hindering me in my photography journey and when we spoke I got some real clarity about many of the things I am procrastinating on, it really does help having a great mentoring ear! I finished the call with Louise on a real high and I very much hope we can continue this mentoring going forward. Thank you very much for giving over your time today. I will be actioning a number of things this week!

Claudine does a happy jig....

Claudine Richardson Photographer

Today I had a brilliant 121 call with Louise Beattie. I felt totally inspired by her refreshing ideas and insight into how I can make my business work for me. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about having this 121 call, and opening up to someone I hadn't met. However, Louise put me at ease, and walked me step by step through my goals and helped me believe in myself and that what I want for my business is possible. Knowing that Louise has had first hand experience of running a photographic business herself, meant a lot as she could empathise with what I was going through. She was open and honest, and gave me the boost I really needed and I cannot thank her enough. Onwards and upwards I go!! (Claudine does a happy jig 😉).

Save yourself wasted hours or even money...

Ste Walker Photographer

Had a strategy call with Louise Beattie today. I spend hours researching and reading blogs and attending webinars and just one call 1-2-1 really helped me work on my strategy. It takes a ton of hard work to be where you want to be but with the right strategy you can save yourself wasted hours or even money. That time can be spend on my business or with my family. It was like a quick de-misting of my windscreen.

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