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For solopreneurs, creatives & small business owners who 


7-days of clear, simple and actionable steps that will make attracting clients and increasing revenue simpler and easier.

During this 7-Day Sprint, I'm going to show you how to simplify your business whilst removing a lot of the busy-ness and overwhelm that is so common among creatives and small business owners.

You'll discover how the way you are thinking about your business is holding you back and how to change that with a few simple shifts.

I'll give you 2 simple techniques that will make it easier to attract more clients, both in the short term and the mid-long term.

By the end of the sprint, you will have a clear plan and goals for the next 90-days so that you can grow your business more effectively.

Here’s What People Are Saying About The

7-Day Business Boost

Before the 7-Day Business Boost, I struggled with trying to get any traction in my business. I'm not naturally business orientated, more of a creative and I find anything to do with building my business a real challenge. I had the tendency to bounce around between multiple things but rarely did any real progress happen. Lots of business and frustration... but no real progress. 

I knew I wanted to change things in my business - be less manic, stop fighting fires, have structure, clarity and a plan. I needed to change the way I thought about my business and just didn't know where to start. But when I saw the Business Boost from Louise, I knew it was the right time. It was if Louise could read my mind and knew what was holding me back and could guide me in the right direction with clear, understandable and actionable tasks. And now that I've completed the 7-Day Business Boost, things are much clearer and I now know what I need to do to improve things and how to achieve great results.

So... to any small business owner who, like me, finds growing their business a challenge and who is struggling with focus and direction, I encourage you to get involved and let Louise help you plug this powerful transformation into your business.

Clarie Rowatt

When I saw the invite to take part in The 7-Day Business Boost, I jumped all over it. Having signed up for my first course with Louise over 5 years ago I knew that it would be concise, direct, actionable and just what I needed to jumpstart my business activity. Going through, and actually doing the exercises helped me to put focus back onto what is important to grow and flourish. At the same time Louise also delivers ways to breakdown the plan into small steps that are achievable so that you can actually achieve your target goals. It was a great tune up from the neck up. Thanks so much for sharing your methods Louise

Jeff Wemp

What sets this apart from other "courses"?

This isn't just a course where you get information. It's so much more than that as it's about implementation. We are going to do this together over 14 days. 

For 7 days, you will receive a daily training both in written and video format. Each day comes with action steps that I will hold you accountable for doing. Plus you will get detailed and constructive feedback on your daily implementation. 

Complete all of your action steps within 14-days of starting the program and receive an assessment of what your business needs most so that you can be sure that your 90-Day Action Plan will bring you results.

  • 7 Days of concise and actionable trainings - no fluff or BS
  • Guidance and feedback on your implementation
  • Accountability to make sure you do the work
  • 1-1 Business Assessment - if you complete all the assignments within 14 days of enrolling

What you’ll Discover

Your business identity

Discover the four types of business identity and which one is right for you and the kind of business that you want. I'll show you how they affect all of your decisions, goals, successes and failures and how to evolve to the right one for you

achieve your goals

Use this simple, yet powerful tool to help you achieve your dreams and goals for your business. Avoid the simple mistake that most business owners make that makes it so much harder to achieve their dreams and costs them so much in terms of lost time and money.


Most businesses only market to 3-10% of their potential clients. I'll show you how to speak to the other 90% and nurture great fit prospects from not interested to clients in a way that adds value and is congruent with your values.

more clients with ease

I'll show you how to frame what you offer so that you can get an immediate bump in sales no matter how you market your business. Most businesses that struggle to make enough sales do so because they have a communication failure...

7 essential focus points

The small improvements in just seven key areas that have the power to double your profits in a year whilst drastically reducing the overwhelm and frustration that so many feel so that you reach your goals more consistently.

90-Day Action Plan

Know exactly what you need to do every single day to achieve your goals. I'll give you a simple technique to check whether or not your plan is feasible so that you can be confident in your plan and avoid the expensive, costly detours of the survival trap.

Why People Have Taken Part Previously

Here are some of the reasons, in their own words, that people have given for taking part in previous 7-Day Business Boosts - and yes this really did give everyone what they wanted.

  • I'm hoping to gain confidence and knowledge of having a successful photography business. 
  • I have a full time job and a part time business so it feels unsustainable and unscalable at times! I'm working on culling my action steps: what are the FEW steps I can take on a regular basis to scale and grow without losing my joy?
  • Hoping to learn some things to start getting more eyes on my business, so I can thrive, instead of dying a slow death of no clients.
  • I'm in desperate need of a boost. In general I hate the serious stuff - I'm not naturally good at business, so I'm hoping gain some knowledge that will allow me to gain more clients. As an end goal, I do want to do photography full time, though I recognise this will take more than 7 days (or weeks or months). I am a master procrastinator, and would have left this had I not just clicked it!
  • I'm really excited about this challenge. In my business management everything is a mess. Or at least it feels like it. Marketing, sales, everything I do is by guessing how I should do those things so I feel like I need approval of being in the right track or some advice on how I should do those things instead.
  • I feel everything is just a jumble and a mess. I'm looking for clarity, direction and simple systems that I can run my business by, gaining a better work life balance. I want to attract the right client who appreciates a quality product and service.
  • Looking forward to find a way to get regular business and organise my time more effectively too. This business can be overwhelming, not knowing what to do first and what is most effective. Feeling lost so hoping to find my way back on to the path of a healthy business.
  • I need to revamp and figure out where I want to go and it would be good to have a good foundation knowing I've ticked boxes and got off to the right start.
  • I need to get prioritising, and being more time efficient in what I do.
  • I look forward to learning and boosting my business. I hope to gain some clarity on strategies to be more efficient and effective in my business.
  • I am currently working 4 days a week in my "day job" and do photography as a supplementary income - I would like to make my Photography business support me financially so I can give up the "day job"!!! At the moment I cannot see it's possible.
  • I have really limited time to work on my business due to having 3 children and the smallest one is a year old so what I would like is to get organised and focussed to be as efficient as I can in that small amount of time!
  • I'm really hoping to get the kick start I so need to look at my business differently. I would like to be less of that "perfectionist" personality mentioned in your video and actually go out and do the things that will help me grow my business and attract new clients as well as continuing the service my existing clients know and love.
  • Looking for new/better ways to attract more of "my" clients and retain them. Also specifically to take actions in relation to this - I'm great at having a long list of things I never seem to get round to doing. So the bit around "what is the easiest and simplest way to do this?" really resonates with me.

How Much? You Choose...

I know that IF I charged £500 for this program and you consistently act upon everything I share you will comfortably get a 10x (and more) ROI within the next 12 months, most likely a lot sooner. And that ROI will just keep on growing every year.

But I'm not charging that - in fact, you get to choose what you pay.

Seriously, you choose how much you want to pay as long as it's a minimum of £1. I believe that small businesses and creatives have so much to contribute and I don't want price to be a reason not to do this.

The 7-Day Business Boost will change the way you think about your business and give you key fundamental skills (missing from even established businesses) that will transform your business, whether you are just getting started or have been in business for years. 

Pay what you choose is a bit of an experiment for me. I'm going to work my arse off to overdeliver and help you make more money and grow your business without losing your joy in what you do. If I do a great job of that, you might want to find out more about working with me, now or in the future. That's up to you, there will be no pressure, no hard sell at the end.

A rising tide lifts all the boats, if I can help entrepreneurs make an impact in their own individual way, then through the ripple effect I will have made a contribution to making the world a better place.

More Feedback On The 7-Day Business Boost & Working With Louise

Ideal for both those yet to define clear business goals and those who need the kick

It has given me lots of useful and clearly defined and actionable points that I can focus on in the coming weeks to get my business back on track. I am really looking forward to following all the very clear and concise advice. This course is ideal for both those yet to define clear business goals and those who need the kick to keep them up to date so thank you for the timely reminder that you always need to stay on top of your business goals.

Kim Dixon

Quick effective wins to boost my business

Louise’s fantastic coaching has been direct, concise and simple, which is just as I like things, but invaluable in motivating me to make some quick effective wins to boost my business.

In a busy world it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to often overthink or complicate these things. Louise has made me feel organised and focused on the real things that matter to my business and I have already started on my 90 Day Plan.

I can’t think her enough for moving me to a different mindset where I feel focused and empowered to make some positive achievable changes.

Jackie Eke
Dog Photographer

I would not have this flourishing business if it wasn’t for you

Thank you so much for all your help over the years. I would not have this flourishing business if it wasn’t for you. I know you say I’ve done the work, but you steer me the right way. Still some way to go, but sat here looking at my busy calendar, finally working full time and building for the future I’d say I’ve just about past that cusp I’ve been talking about.

Just so pleased I found you when I did. You're an angel sent to help. Someone who genuinely cares and I really believe that's rare these days.


Everything Louise teaches really works

Everything Louise teaches really works. It’s not necessarily easy, but if you put the work in the results will speak for themselves.

Louise is great at encouraging you to stretch yourself and look beyond the obvious task to the overall strategy you are working towards. The business skills she will help you develop are invaluable and help you understand why you are doing something and now just how to do it.

More generally, working with Louise is excellent because it isn’t just a set of courses you buy and forget about. I love the interactive element as it keeps me accountable to take action and get stuff done, which means you make progress rather than just adding to the collection of courses you bought and didn’t finish.

Louise is a lovely person too!!


Help you continually increase your business performance over time

Working with Louise provided a foundation for me to build my photography business upon. No wild exaggerations of 100K in 100 days, or how to build your business to six figures in 5 easy steps. Instead, Louise provides guidance and processes to help you continually increase your business performance over time. No quick fixes but sound advice of how to understand your ideal customers, speak to those customers, and increase revenue and profits that are sustainable for the long term.

It does require work on your part, but then what business doesn’t? At least the ones that succeed. Even during the lock-downs and quarantines, Louise provided weekly advice through live video calls and was available for questions and answers, either by email or in her Facebook Group. I appreciate the opportunity to take and learn from from Louise directly.

Junmo Lee , Professional Photographer

Wouldn't be here without you

I really truly appreciate everything you've done and the heart you've poured into this relationship. I can say with 100% confidence that I wouldn't be here in this place if I hadn't hired you so early on in my business journey. I am so thankful to you for all the support and wisdom you've given.

Susanna Lonnrot , Photographer, Creator

I am extremely glad I signed up for this course.

I am extremely glad I signed up for this course. It is easy to understand, and progresses at a nice even pace. However, what I think is the best part of this course is Louise herself! Without her constant check-ins keeping me motivated, and willingness to answer as many questions as I had I think I might not have completed it.

Marc DeGeorge , Professional Photographer

How good it is to have you as my mentor

Every time I read your post, I see how good it is to have you as my mentor. Your words are challenging and at the same time the necessary fuel so that we do not let our dream end. It makes me think that everything is possible, even after a time of fighting to survive in photography. As I always say, it's very good to be here.

Andre Almeida , Professional Wedding Photographer


How Does This Work?

You can join at any point until enrolment closes. As you soon as you enrol you will receive access to the introduction and days module along with your action steps. Each day, you will access to the next module and an email with a reminder to go and do the work. I will give you feedback, help and guidance on your implementation steps for 14 days after you enrol - but for me to do that, you've got to do the work... 

For how long do do you provide support, help and guidance with my implementation?

Support is provided for 14 days after you enrol.

Why is the support only available for 14 days after I enrol?

The goal of this 7-Day Business Boost is to create transformation in your business. That will only happen if you do the work. I find, from my own experience of buying courses for myself and selling courses to clients, that it is far too easy to put off doing the course until later (which rarely happens) or to consume the content without taking action. I'm not interested in selling you more content to consume, my goal is to help 1000 people create and grow independent incomes, and that means I've got to find a way to get you to take action. I have found that when running implementation sprints like this far more people complete the program, take action and get the results that they are looking for.

Why is this pay what you choose?

To be honest, it's a bit of an experiment, I don't want cost to be a barrier to anyone doing this. I could charge more, I am confident that if you paid £500 for this you would get 10X ROI in the next 1 - 3 years, if you do the work and consistently integrate what I'll share with you into your business. I also want to make this within reach of everyone who wants to create or grow and independent income so that affordability is not a reason for not taking part. 

In what format is the training?

The trainings are in video and written format depending on your preference. I have kept it concise and to the point, no fluff as that annoys me! The length of the videos varies, but the longest is approximately 25 minutes long. What's important is the action you take...

What if something comes up and I don't complete it all in the 14 days?

I get that life happens and sometimes things come up. However, most of the time it is a case of priorities and we choose to prioritise other things - often something shinier and brighter. Which leads to us jumping about all over the place and never getting anyone thing done. (I may be speaking from experience here 🤣). That said, if a genuine emergency does come up that prevents you from completing in the 14 days, then let me know and I'll take good care of you 🙂. 

What's the catch?

There is none. Of course I will be delighted if people  choose to pay more  £1, but there is no judgement on what anyone chooses to pay. My goal is to do a great job and make a real difference in your business. If I do that well, a few people will raise their hand to find out about how else I can help them grow their business and maybe decide to work with me or buy one of my other programs. For everyone else, I hope that they enjoy a great experience and leave The 7-Day Business Boost having made a real difference in their business. I am also a great believer in the ripple effect, who knows what difference we can make in the world between us? 

If you are happy to receive just £1, why charge anything at all?

Good question! I have found that when people pay something rather than get it for free, they are more invested, that is they are more likely to take action, even if it is just a small amount. And my main goal with this is to get people to take action so that they can see real results in their business. 

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7-days of clear, simple and actionable steps that will make attracting clients and increasing revenue simpler and easier.

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Hi I'm Louise Beattie

I help smart and capable people simplify and accelerate the journey to an independent income doing the work they love (and are proud of) in service of the people they care about so that they can flourish in life and business without getting stuck on the treadmill of constant grind and hustle that gets you nowhere fast.

My goal is to accelerate the creation and growth of independent incomes for 1000 people who want meaning in their life, to make a contribution to their clients, their communities and ultimately the world. 

Louise Beattie

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